Big Brother is Alive and Well

If you were shocked with the IRS scandal targeting conservative §501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations listen to this.   As many of you know the government of Cyprus is financially broke.  The government came up with an idea of how to solve the problem.  Unilaterally take money out of their citizen’s banks account without permission and place the money in the government’s accounts.  This is exactly what they did.  The people of Cyprus were “victims” of their own government and had no recourse.

People of the world then asked, can this happen here?  Well, the US Social Security Administration has done just that in a different way.  The Administration came up with an idea on how to recover alleged overpayments to US citizens as far back as 40 years.  Here is how it works.  If the Administration believes that some relative, and I mean “some” relative of the taxpayer was over paid benefits at some time in the past (even if the present taxpayer was an infant when it happened) the Administration is now diverting their tax refund from the IRS to the Administration for the overpayment of some distant relative.   So, if you don’t get your refund you may want to check this out.  This action is totally illegal with no legal justification whatsoever.  Since the present taxpayer had no contractual relationship with the Administration the money is being stolen from the taxpayers with no legal authority whatsoever.

Now this may be a different way of stealing your money compared to the government of Cyprus, is it really any different in the US?  I say no, it’s the same, government taking your money without legal authority.  Say it can never happen in the US, guess again.  This is one of the most egregious acts of the US government I have ever seen.  What’s next, taking your money in your own private bank account without legal justification?

Take a look at what is going on in Nevada.  The US Bureau of Land Management (a branch  of the US federal government) is attempting to take possession (ownership) of a rancher’s cattle from Mr. Bundy.  Bundy had been grazing his cattle on a piece of land that started before the BLM even owned the land.  There was no contract, agreement, etc. to require Bundy to pay the BLM for the grazing rights.  Fast forward to present day and now the BLM claims Bundy owes it money for the grazing of his cattle that Bundy started before the BLM owned the land. Since he has failed to pay the demand, the BLM is now attempting to take possession of his cattle and sell them for payment.  Check out the story on the Internet.  Big Brother is alive and well!

Andrew C. Moler, Esq.

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