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IMG_9842-150x150Good day folks. I am finally back on the blog. What about the current events in the world? Who would believe that in 2015 there would be radicals that are cutting heads off and burning people alive!! This world is in a terrible state. Look at the USA. It seems that the USA has less intestinal fortitude than the country of Jordan. When is the USA going to wake up and get its head out of the sand? Terrorism is not going to get better; it’s going to get worse unless something is done and quick. The USA is being reduced to third world country status. We are a joke among many nations of the world as weak and without direction.

We have no leadership or direction in our country. We need a complete government overhaul including a new government administration, a complete federal tax overhaul (flat tax or national sales tax will do-graduated income tax is unfair and too complicated). The USA has a tax code that is so convoluted that the writers of the code don’t even understand it. The economy stinks, even when our government officials tell us that it’s great and we are no longer in a recession. Really? If you believe this I have a bridge I want to sell. I have been self-employed for over 35 years. Business at the service level is the worst that I have seen it in 35 years. No one has any money even the people fortunate enough to actually have a job. Our government continues to do things that are counter-productive to creating new jobs. Our government officials fail to tell the truth and are selling us done the river. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what is going on in our country.

On another note, many young people in this country have no conception of what is going on in the world or even in their own country. These young people are the future leaders of the USA. Sounds like I am the grim reaper. Not so, I am only the messenger of what I see in every day life. Our President has racked up more debt in his two terms than all of the other Presidents combined. I don’t care if the President is black, white, green or purple. We need someone to pull us out of this situation or I see the USA falling like a stack of cards. We need a “plan of action” to reverse the USA situation and to fight terrorists. Make no mistake; the terrorists are coming for us in this country. It’s only a matter of time. We have too much government in the country. We are over regulated and the walls are closing in on us.

The President and his office wants more government and to create total dependency on the government. What happened to government for the people as opposed to people for the government? We need reform before it’s too late.

Andrew Moler, Esq.



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