Bad News in the World Again

IMG_9842-150x150Good day folks. Well, the modern topic in current world events is the proposed nuclear weapons deal with Iran. The deal is all familiar, “Peace at any cost”.   This seems to be motto of the countries (including the US) that are trying to broker a deal with Iran and its pursuit of nukes.

Iran (formerly Persia) has indicated that it primary goal is to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Secondary goal is to do the same with the USA. What the world does not “get” is that Iran wants to start world war III with the nukes and wipe out Israel and the USA.

The current proposed agreement between Iran and the world is that Iran will agree to stop its pursuit of nukes for 10 years and then the nukes are available to Iran on a “silver platter.” What is blinding the eyes of the world to even consider making a deal with Iran. Iran can’t be trusted. If Iran obtains nukes it will use them against Israel and the US, by its own admission.

As I keep repeating, this world has gone crazy. Christians are being killed in the Middle East at alarming numbers. Of course, you won’t hear about this from mainstream liberal media. If you were fortunate enough to hear Prime Minister Netanyahu’s presentation before Congress you will note that Israel with do what ever it takes to keep Iran from obtaining nukes.   There are several world political theories about the role that the US should take in world affairs. One being isolationism. The theory dictates that the US should stay out of world affairs. This position in today’s world is pure suicide for the US. The US MUST help keep the world stable and do what ever it takes to protect our interests (and possibly our own existence) now. We can’t wait until the 11th hour to take action. We need leadership in this country in the worst kin of way. Obama is a lame duck do nothing.  With regard to Iran obtaining a nuke to use on Israel and the US, for those of you that are Bible believing Christians the Bible predicts that there will be a third world war that will kill one third of the world’s population during the end times.  Could the Iran issue be the beginning??  Give me your thoughts.


Andrew C. Moler, Esq.

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