Fried Rice Recipe

Hi everyone, I’ve been inactive for some time.  Sorry.  I have an interesting fried rice recipe that you may enjoy.  Here it is:

Start with cooked white rice such as jasmine.  Then place the rice on a flat top grill (can use a pan is necessary) continue to cook the rice using soy sauce to cook with olive oil to keep the rice from sticking to the pan or flat grill.  Add a little real butter to the mix.  Once the rice is hot add raw eggs to be cooked in the rice.  Add carrot strips, canned peas along with some broccoli and last some cooked bacon strips.  Allow the mix to cook completely.  You may also add some sesame seeds to taste at the end of the rice cooking.  Remove, let cool and enjoy.  Yummy!!!

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Andrew Moler, Esq.




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