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New Bad News in the World

Well, it’s happening again.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is again using the same strategy that Hitler used just before World War II.  Putin is determined to take over the old Soviet Union countries, in this author’s opinion, to revive the old Soviet Union one country at a time.  Russia is now vowing to invade more of the Ukraine under the guise that he must because the Russians living in the Ukraine are being mistreated in the Ukraine.  He claims it is Russian’s duty to “save” the Russians living there.  Sound familiar Hitler?  The Ukraine has long been known as the “bread basket” of Europe with many resources.

The acting President of the Ukraine vows that he will not allow a repetition of what happened in Crimea that was annexed by Russia last month.  It seems clear that Putin, with his KGB background, is attempting to bully the world into letting him do as he wishes.  This is not good for the world in general.

As a side note, in the US there has another bizarre shooting by an elderly man shouting anti-Semitic remarks while at the same time shooting Jews at a Jewish community center.  Subsequently, he went to a Jewish assisted living center, killing one elder woman.  When the police arrested him he exited his car shouting “Heil Hitler.”  The world is going to hell in a hand basket.  For those out there that are Christians, the predictions in book of Revelation in the Bible seem to be coming true at an alarming speed.

Take this to heart, US Secretary of State John Kerry, is attempting to push a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  Even though the negotiations have slowed down, Kerry was adamant to have a temporary peace agreement concluded by the end of April 2014.  Talks are continuing talks but no agreement as of yet. It is predicted that an agreement will be reached sometime in the near future.  According to the New Testament of the Bible, the execution of a temporary agreement (7 years) will start the count down of the entry of the Anti-Christ as discussed in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.  Many people scoff at this prediction but if you follow the predictions and current events in the Middle East there is a 100% accuracy rate.  Makes you think does it not?  It’s time for people to wake up and see what’s going on in the world.  It’s unfortunate, but in the US there are a great number of our citizens that are so uninformed that they don’t know who was running for President and VP in the last US Presidential election.

Andrew C. Moler, Esq.

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Internet Sales Tax, Bad for Internet Businesses, Good for States, more Big Brother

Has anyone ever heard the old cliché, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”  Evidently the United States Senate has not.  The taxation of Internet sales is just another way of creating more taxes and stifling free enterprise but another way of providing more money to the states at the expense of the online business owner.  Under the sales tax scheme, the Internet business that sells the product would have to collect the sales tax that would be imposed by the jurisdiction if the buyer purchased the product in the buyer’s home jurisdiction.  This means that the burden to collect the sales tax would be on the Internet seller and then the seller would have to remit the sales tax to the state or jurisdiction where the purchaser resides.

Imposing a sales tax to be collected by the online seller does not equal the playing field as some proponents of the Internet tax promote.  In fact, it would put the Internet company at a severe disadvantage.  Here is my analysis.  At the present time the Internet sales companies don’t have to worry about collecting sales tax.  The responsibility of providing the “sales tax” to the individual states is at the purchaser level by way of a “use tax”.  Simply put, a use tax is a tax imposed by the states for using the product in the state.  Consequently, it is a self-compliant tax that is supposed to be paid to the state by the purchaser for the privilege of using the product in the state.  It actually ends up being the equivalent of a sales tax.  The state, in theory, ends up with the same amount of tax.

Imposing the collection of  “sales tax” on the Internet seller creates a tremendous burden on the seller because the seller must keep track not only of the sales taxation rate of each state but also the sales tax rate of each county or township in each state.  For example, in Florida the sales tax rates vary from county to county.  For illustrative purposes, let’s say that each state has sixty-six counties or townships.  Sixty-six times fifty states would require the Internet sellers to somehow keep track of three thousand three hundred different sales tax rates, an incredible burden.  This creates such a burden on the Internet seller that many would simply go out of business or at least it would give the brick and mortar businesses a distinct advantage due to the fact that the brick and mortar businesses would only have to deal with one sales tax rate that would be determined by its physical location.

In our troubled economy in the US, we should be concerned about increasing business not putting companies out of business with unascertainable requirements.  The bottom line is that the lazy state governments want to transfer the burden of collecting sales tax to the private sector which means more government regulation.  Are the states willing to compensate the Internet sellers for this additional burden?  I think not.  This is another way that Big Brother is encroaching upon our individual and economic lives.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!!

Andrew C. Moler, Esq.

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Hi All, My First Introductory Post







Hi all.  Just a note to start my new blog.  Once I have learned the ropes, I intend to discuss religion, politics, law, current world events and whatever else I believe is important presently.  Our world is in a total mess and there is much that you need to know about.  I am an attorney by profession but am interested in world events, and what is going on in the world from a prophetic prospective. I am a litigation and tax lawyer by area of the law.   It’s not pretty but we all have a need to know.

Best Regards,

Andrew C. Moler, Esq.

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