The End of Days

img_9842-150x1502-150x150Good day folks.   My intentions were to address the issue of ET aliens; are they real, who are they and where do they come from?

Before I address these issues in a future article, I feel compelled to address where we are in today’s society and the world. I am talking about the “End of Days” and the future of our world society. Now, there will be a presumption that most of you have some belief in the Holy Bible. Even if not, certain current events cannot be denied. There has been a drastic increase in US and world calamities such as an increase in volcanic activity, hurricanes, floods and other world disasters that are a menace in the world even as we speak. I recently watched a show on the History Channel when several experts discussed the future of the US and the world with regard to present issues involving the possibility of nuclear threats, the shortage of clean water, the collapse of the current economic system, world depression and as stated previously, volcanic activity. We are also witnessing an unprecedented drought in the world.

We humans have destroyed the earth with nuclear waste, contamination of the farming soil and mountains of garbage in our oceans. I recently watched a show that discussed the present status of our water supply. According to the article, our aquifers are receding and are being contaminated with all kinds of poisons such as run-off fertilizer and even nuclear waste. Cancer is on the rise partly due to all the chemicals that are used in our food and in the air.

From the sky, we are at risk from falling meteors and the constant threat of volcanic activity that could actually make the human race extinct. From a political standpoint, our US economy is close to collapse due to our rising debt that we are experiencing in the US and the world at large. If all of this is not enough to scare the heck out of us, look at the recent event where the country of Cyprus went bankrupt and the government actually went into the citizens’ bank accounts and “stole” a percentage of their money for the government to use with no recourse to the citizens.   Can you believe that the government actually stole their money? Folks, don’t think this could not happen in the US. Our US government is so big and powerful it’s out of control. Last but not least, there are diseases in the world today that could turn a world wide pandemic.

We better wake up and take action to reduce the size and power of the government before we citizens are the victims similar to the citizens of Cyprus.

Andrew C. Moler, Esq., M.S.C.J., J.D., LL.M.-Tax, M.Tax

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