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IMG_9842-150x150Well good day folks. It’s been a while since my last post. I apologize for being busy. Let’s look at the Iran deal involved in the nuclear deal that will be before Congress shortly (maybe already). For those that don’t know much about the agreement, it calls for the Iranians to slow down its nuclear program for 10 years and then will allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon(s). This is a crazy idea. In essence, this agreement only puts off the ability for Iran to make nuclear weapons and use them again Israel and the “great Satan” the US. Make no mistake about it; Iran is out to destroy Israel and the US. Iran hates everything about Israel and the US.

It seems that Obama wants the agreement with Iran at any cost. Obama’s administration is either totally ignorant, totally blinded or delusional, or just does not care about our country and the world. Giving Iran any ability to have a nuclear weapon at any time is a prescription for the death of Israel and possibly the US. We don’t even know the contents of the agreement because the administration says it confidential. Allowing Iran to obtain nuclear capabilities is an open door to world war III!

Folks, we need a new US administration. We need a president that will say what he/she means and will act accordingly. Our country is a disgrace to the world community. We are no longer respected as a super power on the world stage. We need major change before the US is reduced to nothing more than a third world country and bankrupt.

More to come later on the status of the middle east problems.  Merry Christmas!!

Best Regards,

Andrew Moler, Esq.

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